Pre-Crawlers I:  Under 4m  Tummy Time Solutions, Reaching, Rolling and More

Child’Space Method class for the youngest pre-crawling babies from 5 weeks up to 4 months (on their first day of class). In this gentle, joyful class, parents learn to support their baby’s development through touch and movement. A parent’s touch can help babies become more comfortable in many positions  including tummy-time and parent/baby interaction can influence how and when a baby discovers new ways of moving, such as reaching and rolling.  Parents learn answers to their questions about their baby’s development, find new confidence as a parent, and also notice other positive changes in their babies after learning Child’Space Method, such as reduction of “colic”, improved ability to self-soothe, and improvements with feeding.   Note:  Occasionally a short version of this class is offered, under the name, “Tummy-Time Solutions”.  These classes are similar, but Pre-Crawlers I offers a much more in depth understanding of Child’Space Method.  View Class Schedule

Pre-Crawlers II :  For 4m and up, Rolling, Pivoting, “Army-Crawling”, Sitting and More

In this class for babies four months and older (on their first day of class), we look at how to support each baby’s learning, through touch, movement and song.   Parents and caretakers learn to support and encourage the learning of movements that will become the building blocks for balanced, coordinated sitting, crawling, walking and more.
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 Crawlers:  Crawling, Standing, Cruising,  First Walking Steps.

Child’Space for crawlers & cruisers is a unique mix of music, movement and games which have been created with the intention of helping babies improve their coordination, balance, orientation, strength and ease of movement.  This class has a mix of structured time, and developmentally appropriate opportunities for babies to explore at their own pace.   Join us and belly-crawl,  crawl on hands + knees, cruise, climb steps and improve your squatting – these movements and more will support your baby in becoming a proficient walker.
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Special Attention

Child’space NYC offers small classes for infants and young children who would benefit from more individualized attention.  It is a wonderful option both for those who receive services through Early Intervention, and for those who were denied services but for whom concerns remain. It can be a helpful additional program for children who are undergoing physical therapy or other therapies. (Child’Space NYC is a privately offered class, and has no connection to the EI program.)

In Special Attention classes, just as in all child’space nyc offerings, the focus is on: a) helping parents better connect to their child through touch and b) teaching techniques of touch and movement specific to each child’s needs to support their development. These smaller groups allow for more individualized time with each child.  View Class Schedule

Growing Up:  Music + Movement for toddlers – 4 year olds  

Music + movement for toddlers through pre-schoolers.  We’ll sing and dance, walk, run, jump and more with songs that you’ll love to sing at home too!  Lay the early foundations for becoming a great musician, and support your child’s development of balance, coordination, speech development, creative thinking and social skills in the process.  (This class is on hold until Child’Space has a permanent home.  In the meantime, for Brooklyn, I highly recommend Brooklyn Community Playgroup