Child’Space NYC is now We Grow Together

Child’Space NYC has a new name and a new website:

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  • “Kira’s class sustained his attention (and mine), I got to meet some other great moms, and it really helped build my confidence to encourage his natural movement (and know when he needed a push in a certain direction). I was actually pretty amazed by how secure it made me feel at the end in terms of where he was developmentally and where we were headed in the future.” Cynthea, 2015
  • "Finally, a mommy/baby class that is developmentally appropriate and respectful of the child! A soothing singing voice, an acoustic guitar, and a class structure that is always focused, but flexible. What a relief. I had nearly given up on baby classes in NYC- so tired of the over-stimulating environments and the cookie-cutter format. Dan Rindler's classes are gentle and incredibly informative. Whether you are looking for guidance as to how you can best support your infant's development, or simply want an activity to share with your little one, Dan will send you home week after week feeling inspired and confident."

  • "Dan has a magical touch with babies - my son loved going to his class, & would only cry when it was time to leave!"

  • "Every time we met with Kira for Pre-Crawlers 1 our son (6 months) had some kind of breakthrough with moving his body. It was like she showed him how to unlock some kind of superpower!"

  • "Dan Rindler's Child’Space NYC class  was a wonderful experience for me and my son.  As a new parent I  have been able to enjoy an increased sensitivity and awareness towards my son's cognitive and motor development.  My son loved the activities and songs, and has benefited enormously from the techniques taught.  Dan's class has helped us transform "tummy time" into an opportunity to play and bond. I can highly recommend Dan's class to other parents. He is a great instructor and musician with palpable kindness and sincerity."

  • “When I first brought my four month old son to Dan's class my baby would get visibly upset when I placed him on his tummy at home.  As a new mom, I was a bit nervous and did not know how to make my baby more comfortable on his tummy.  I saw a dramatic improvement within 2-3 sessions, when my son began enjoying his time on his tummy.  In addition, I always sing Dan's songs to my son who remembers, recognizes and smiles when I sing the tunes.  The classes provide an excellent forum for moms to bond with their babies, for babies to socialize with each other and for babies to realize their own potential while they have lots of fun.

  • “The class offered by Child'Space NYC enveloped my son and me in a palpable calm for 45 minutes each week - something that a first time parent can find challenging in pursuit of a balance of baby comfort and development.  Dan was able to provide an environment that nurtured both baby and parent - the result was a group of babies and care givers that were able to support one another, sharing in the joy of each baby's development during the duration of the class.  The songs we sung in class became the staple songs in my household whenever my son became fussy and needed to be re-focused.  Smiles generally ensued.  My son's and mine."

  • “Dan’s class was great!  I saw a lot of development in my son from using the techniques Dan teaches, and the class gave us the opportunity to meet other babies and moms.  What I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to interact with my son without distractions like a blackberry, computer, and other responsibilities.  My son is crawling now, and we are very excited to continue with Dan.”

  • My daughter and I have been attending Child'space classes and have been having such a wonderful experience.  I have learned so much about babies' physical development and movement and my daughter loves Dan's calming presence, his awesome ukelele, and the overall mellow vibe of the group. 

  • "I wish every baby in the world could experience these workshops.  Parents often worry about how to handle a baby, wondering if they're doing it "correctly", and I wish that I'd had this experience with my first child -- it would have been incredibly empowering."  Spring/Summer 2014 Child'Space Parent