Welcome to Child’Space NYC!

How do the age groupings work?  Choose the age range that corresponds to your baby’s age on their first day of class.  So if your baby is 3 and a half months they should be in Pre-Crawlers I, for ages 5w – 4m for the full 8 weeks, even though they will be over 4m after a few weeks of the series.


What if my baby is the oldest in the class?  It will never be “too basic” or “too advanced” for your baby!  Dan and Kira personalize each class to the babies in the room that day.  Remember, this is about connecting through touch and supporting their learning – it is not “baby school!”

What if my baby sleeps, cries, or feeds during the class?    You can learn almost everything in class by watching the instructor and other parents, even while standing and bouncing a crying baby!  The class is largely for you to learn new ways to touch and move your baby which you’ll take home and use all week whether you get to practice together in class or not.


What if I miss class?  You are allowed as many make-ups as needed, during the session.  This means that before your last class, you can make up any missed classes at our other class times/locations.  We ask that you email to reserve a make-up spot so no class is overbooked.

Do you offer separate special needs classes?  All babies are welcome in Child’Space classes and the class can be helpful for many children.  Please contact us to discuss and questions specific to your baby.

What is Feldenkrais Method?  Feldenkrais Method is an approach developed that helps people of all ages to learn new patterns of coordination and action, through becoming keenly aware of their habitual posture and movement patterns.  While most adults usually begin learning the method for chronic pain, they soon find that it touches on many aspects of one’s life.  Chld’Space classes adapt many of the principals of the method for parents and babies.  You can learn more about how the method can help you or someone you know, at Dan’s site for adults, www.brooklynfeldenkrais.com

bonding and ball rolling SmallDoes this really work?!  A research study is currently being run by Vassar College on the efficacy of Child’Space NYC classes.  In the meantime, you can read the many testimonials on this site, on google places, yelp, and many parenting email lists such as Park Slope Parents, for the program.  Dan has now worked with nearly 2000 families!

I have to go back to work part way through the session:  Most parents who hire a nanny realize they really want that caretaker to understand the basics of respectful touch taught in Child’Space NYC classes.  You can always send a caretaker with your baby to class.  If your baby will be going to daycare, contact us and share your situation and the dates you can attend.  In some cases we are able to accommodate this.Happy Asian baby girl