Does Holiday Inn Express have cribs?

Baby crib/cot is complimentary while rollaway beds may be chargeable. Rules for maximum room occupancy will supersede this offer. Kids Eat Free – For registered guests only.

Do hotels cribs?

Call ahead to find out what your hotel provides for babies so you can travel lighter. Most offer cribs free of charge (bring your own sheets), and many lend out high chairs so you can leave the travel chair at home. Some chain hotels even supply bottle warmers, diaper pails and sound machines.

What is the difference between Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express?

The differences between a Holiday Inn and a Holiday Inn Express are subtle, but they matter. On the whole, you’ll get more services at a Holiday Inn. For example, a Holiday Inn will usually have an onsite restaurant and bar, whereas a Holiday Inn Express will simply have a breakfast area. Find out more below.

Does Holiday Inn have rollaway beds?

Rollaway beds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a $10 per night charge for rollaway beds.

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Do kids eat free at Holiday Inn Club Vacations?

Available to guests at all Holiday Inn® and Holiday Inn Resort® properties, the Kids Eat Free program is valid for children ages 12 and under ordering from the kid’s menu in the hotel restaurant. … The Holiday Inn brand participates in IHG’s hotel rewards program, IHG® Rewards Club.

How do I get a hotel crib?

Hotels that are marketed to families usually have more cribs. Use the “special requests” field in the hotel’s app or reservations site to request the crib or play yard and also, notes a Hilton spokesperson, additional towels and other amenities that might make life easier with a little one.

Where does a baby sleep in a hotel?

You have two main options: Rely on the crib that your hotel provides (if it provides one at all) or bring your own portable bed and bedding with you. Hotel cribs are obviously the most convenient, but there’s a big caveat: You have to check them out carefully before using them.

Do Holiday Inn Express have irons in the rooms?

Yes. All of our rooms are equipped with a hair dryer in the guests bathroom. Also each of our rooms are equipped with an iron and ironing board in the closet. Enjoy your stay.

Why is it called Holiday Inn Express?

The Holiday Inn Express concept was intended to target the “upper economy” market segment, offering limited service, low-price lodging. In Europe, the hotels were known as Express by Holiday Inn, but this variation was phased out during the Holiday Inn Global Brand Relaunch which was announced in 2006.

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How many Holiday Inn Express are there in the UK?

Worldwide there are 1200 plus however we list 276 locations in the UK. It is common for all Holiday Inn’s to supply free WiFi to guests. Please check with each hotel. Holiday Inn Express provide breakfast and limited evening meal dinning.

Do all hotels offer rollaway beds?

Not all hotels offer rollaway beds

It is largely because many hotels offer sofas with pull out mattresses so you essentially already have a rollaway bed in your room. … For example, if you booked a room with two queen beds and the maximum occupancy is four, chances are a rollaway bed may not be an option.

Can an 18 year old check into a hotel?

Can you check into a hotel at 18? Yes, in most cases the minimum age to check into a hotel is 18. However, there are locations where hotels require their guests to be at least 21 or sometimes even 25 years old. … This is why you should check with your hotel before booking to be fully covered.

Does Holiday Inn do family rooms?

We know that travelling with kids is sometimes hard, that’s why we’re committed to providing all our families the perfect room to bed down ahead of a jam packed weekend break. … All our family rooms include: Comfortable beds! Pillow menu.