What food do you serve at a baby shower?

What should I serve at a 2pm baby shower?

Food to Serve for an Afternoon Baby Shower

  • Light Snacks. Cheese and crackers platter. Light snacks should include a variety of foods that are easy for guests to consume. …
  • Heavy Snacks or Light Meals. Sandwich platter. …
  • Beverages. Iced tea. …
  • Dessert. Cupcakes.

How much food should I serve at a baby shower?

This of course can vary dependent on the time of your party. If your party takes place during meal hours, then assume people will eat a bit more, maybe 3 to 4 pieces per option per guest. In our case, we held the baby shower at 2:00 in the afternoon, so we assumed about 2 pieces of each food option per guest.

What do you serve at a 4pm baby shower?

An assortment of crackers with cheese spreads or cheese balls gives guests something to nibble on while the mother-to-be unwraps gifts. Melba toast or crusty bread and a hot spinach or artichoke dip are always crowd pleasers. Again, fruit is another great accompaniment for mid-day showers.

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What do you serve at a morning baby shower?

What to serve at a baby shower brunch. A baby shower brunch, or any brunch for that matter, should be a mix of savory and sweet items. Experts recommend (1) a hearty egg dish, (2) something savory, (3) something sweet, (4) something fresh, (5) something for dessert, and (6) some liquid refreshments.

Who typically pays for a baby shower?

Who Traditionally Pays for a Baby Shower? The hostess traditionally pays for the baby shower and its associated costs. However, the hostess can divide up the responsibility and costs by asking a few close family members or friends to co-host.

Do you have to feed people at a baby shower?

Most baby showers offer some food. You will usually come up with a menu based on a couple of factors including time of day and length the baby shower, the location, and the budget. … You would want to serve food items that she loves. So if fruit punch is a favorite for her, be sure to add it to the menu.

What kind of sandwiches are good for a baby shower?

Traditional egg salad, chicken salad and tuna salad sandwiches are extremely popular for baby showers, along with an assortment of traditional meat sandwiches. For a fun twist on traditional baby shower food, opt for mini sandwiches, grilled panini, or even a make your own deli sandwich option!

Do you have a cake at a baby shower?

If your baby shower were starting after 1 p.m. but prior to 5 p.m., you could get away with snacks and hors-d’oeuvres with cake. … The cake should be a dazzling cake, preferably white cake, with white icing and something very babyish on the top.

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Do I plan my own baby shower?

Typical baby shower etiquette dictates that the parents-to-be shouldn’t throw their own party since doing so could be perceived as asking for gifts.

How long do baby showers last?

How Long Are Baby Showers? A baby shower usually runs two to three hours, with the meal and opening of gifts taking up the bulk of the time.

How many appetizers should you have at a baby shower?

2-4 pieces per person, 30-60 minutes before dinner, cocktail hour. 5-6 pieces per person, 1.5-2 hour event, preceding dinner time. 8-10 pieces per person, 2-4 hours event, heavy hors d’oeuvres.

How much should you spend on baby shower?

It’s likely that the majority of baby showers you’ll attend are for friends and family, and a budget of $30 to $50 is generally considered appropriate.

What is the baby shower etiquette?

7 Unspoken Baby Shower Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

  1. 1 Everybody’s welcome. Getty Images. …
  2. 2 Every baby gets celebrated. Getty Images. …
  3. 3 Little ones are welcome if the invite says so. Getty Images. …
  4. 4 Watch what you say and do. …
  5. 5 Careful with the foods and booze. …
  6. 6 Say a genuine thank you. …
  7. 7 Don’t skip the sip and see.

What time of day are baby showers usually held?

The classic time to host a baby shower is lunchtime, but recently tradition has given way to several different options. Some women prefer a slightly earlier time to celebrate and enjoy hosting a brunch. Others loved hosting a ‘happy hour’ shower with plenty of baby-themed mocktails at sunset.

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How long should a baby shower brunch be?

Stick to a 2 hour time-frame and schedule out all of the games and events to fit in that block of time. And remember – events can overlap! You can have some guests working on a project or craft while everyone eats, or enjoy cake and sweets while the new mom is opening up gifts.